Halsey Family Plot

Nicoll Halsey headstone

Nicoll Halsey marker

Nicoll Halsey is not far from his homestead. The Grove Cemetery in Trumansburg is a short distance from the Halsey House.

The original one-acre cemetery was running out of space in the early 1800’s. In 1847, eight acres was purchased next to Halsey’s Woods. Trees were culled, stumps pulled, ground plowed, and then the land and roads were graded.

We visited the cemetery with the specific intention of finding the Halsey family plot, and the search was not difficult. Nicoll Halsey did not have a simple grave marker or headstone, but instead a Roman-style bust upon an ornate pedestal.

We recognized the names of some other relatives in the family section, including several who died quite young.

We heard from a source that there used to be a bust of Nicoll Halsey in the Halsey House itself, but alas we cannot find any other reference to this heirloom.

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