Curtain Up on My Stage

Storm DoorAs the current stewards of the Halsey House, we were absolutely delighted to learn about this book.

“Curtain Up On My Stage” is an autobiography by Mary Duddleston Zimmer, who was raised in the Halsey House. The Duddleston family owned the property for 70 years.

The author has dozens of vignettes, all centered about her formative years growing up at the Halsey House.

We learned many things, including the historical names of several rooms, dates and timelines of many events, and generally what life was like for Ms. Zimmer in the mid-twentieth century.

The article link below describes a lovely reunion that the Duddleston clan had several years ago, when 50 family members returned to their family homestead.

We have had the pleasure to meet a few relatives of both the Halsey and Duddleston clan since we purchased the Halsey House. We’d love to meet more – please drop by to say hi!

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