Ithaca ReUse Center Treasures

Storm Door

Storm door primed and waiting paint and a latch

One of the doors at the front of the Halsey House leads to the Judge’s Office, named for the room where Judge Halsey conducted his business.

This room unfortunately hears traffic noise and isn’t as warm in winter. We thought a storm door could help address both problems. We could tell there used to be a storm door at one time based on existing hinge notches.

We picked up a lovely wooden storm door on Craigslist, and were able to shave it and add a bottom jamb to fit the door frame. After almost two hundred years the frame is now a parallelogram instead of a rectangle. The difference is only about a half inch, which is easier to hide with a wooden door instead of a new metal one.

We needed new hardware for the bottom and top pneumatic closers. We regularly visit the Ithaca ReUse Center (, and again we were not disappointed with what we found. We picked up two pneumatic closers, as well as other treasures that we can put to use on various projects.