Plumbing and Well Water

shower fixture

Repaired shower fixture

We didn’t have any experience with well water before buying the Halsey House, so many of the plumbing issues we faced were new to us.

Water issues were expected since the Halsey House was empty for almost three years.  What was unexpected was the quantity of sediment and buildup in the pipes.

We used an air compressor to try to clear out some of the plumbing, but some fixtures could not be salvaged. Several shower units and faucets had to be replaced, forcing us to resurrected our copper sweat-welding skills from years back.

We wish there were more plumbing panels, but sheetrock is easy enough to break,  remove, replace, spackle and paint once the water was again flowing.

All seven toilets were scrubbed and had their tank innerds replaced. To help keep the pipes and water clean, we engaged a local water service (Lowe’s Soft Water Service, to install and maintain a whole-house sediment removal and chlorination system.

Not all folks are used to well water, so we have complimentary bottled water available for our guests.